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October 15, 2016

Don’t Use Automatic Image Sliders or Carousels in Your Website!

Don’t Use Automatic Image Sliders or Carousels in Your Website!

 Automatic Image Sliders or Carousels
JANGAN gunakan slider, carousel, atau featured post image animasi yang akan "memusingkan" mata pengunjung. Tampilan gambar bergerak di website tidak user friendly juga tidak seo friendly.

Carousels are bad for SEO.

The lack of content means that it’s difficult to get meta information into a page. This is especially true as Google no longer crawls meta keywords (although Bing does) and so will take keyword information from the page.

Of course, you can have the word count below the carousel, in the body of the page. Most sliders though contain headers that are wrapped in H1, and these change when the slider does and as such, devalue keywords within them.

Rotating banners are absolutely evil and should be removed immediately.

Jakob Nielsen (yes, the usability guru) confirms this in tests. They ran a usability study where they gave users the following task: “Does Siemens have any special deals on washing machines?”. The information was on the most prominent slide. The users could not see it – totally hit by banner blindness. Nielsen concludes the sliders are ignored.

Notre Dame university tested it too. Only the first slide got some action (1%!), other slides hardly got clicked on at all. 1% of clicks for something that takes up (more than) half the page?

Reason #1: Human Eye Reacts To Movement (and will miss the important stuff)

Our brains have 3 layers, the oldest part is the one we share even with reptiles. It’s mostly concerned about survival. A sudden change on the horizon could be a matter of life and death. Hence human eye reacts to movement – including constantly moving image sliders and carousels.

Reason #2: Too Many Messages Equals No Message

Image sliders get hit by banner blindness and most people won’t even pay attention to them, but even those who do can’t really get the messages.
Visitor lands on your site. Sees a message on the slider – and starts reading it. “This fall you get to …” Bam! Gone. Often the sliders are so fast that people are not even able to finish reading them (even if they want to).
Focusing on a single primary message and action is way always far more effective

Reason #3: Banner Blindness

They look like banners and people just skip over them.


October 11, 2016

Cara Custom Domain Blogspot Menjadi .COM

Cara Custom Domain Blogspot Menjadi .COM

Cara Custom Domain Blogspot Menjadi .COM
Custom Domain adalah merubah alamat blog blogspot Anda menjadi .com atau ekstensi domain lain, tanpa ada lagi subdomain Misalnya, menjadi

Jadi, custom domain dilakukan untuk menghilangkan kata dan menjadi .com. Dengan Custom domain, tentunya blog Anda lebih branded, keren dan tidak dianggap gratisan.

Custom domain bisa mempercepat indeks mesin telusur dan diterima menjadi publisher Google AdSense.

Cara Custom Domain
Panduan Custom Domain ada di:
1. Support Google
2. Panduan Setting dari Provider Domain

October 9, 2016

Best Ways to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Best Ways to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Best Ways to Make Money Blogging for Beginners
Can you really make money blogging and turning your personal passions, knowledge, or experience into a real income on the internet?

Close to a decade after the Wall Street meltdown, people are still finding it tough to recover past losses and make ends meet. Fewer and fewer of us can count on steady, lifelong employment, and for those who are so fortunate, the salary and benefits (if any) are barely enough to meet our basic needs.

Second job, anyone?

In America, two income families are the norm, but think of the havoc it wrecks on your daily life. You’re so exhausted by the time you get home from work, you barely have enough time and energy to make dinner and help the kids out with their homework. Even that becomes difficult if you work at more than one place, whether evenings or on weekends.
  • It's no surprise that more 
  • and more people are looking for information 
  • on how to start an online business to 
  • generate extra income (or even full-time income) 
  • on the internet.

The Internet has made blogging mainstream, to the point where there may be over half a billion blogs online as you read this article.
  1. While income generation is not 
  2. the only reason (or even the best reason) to blog, 
  3. opportunities do exist for people to create 
  4. supplemental income with a blog. 

Best Ways to Make Money Blogging for Beginners 

Blogging for Beginners: 17 Tips Before You Start Your Blog

Blogging for Beginners: 17 Tips Before You Start Your Blog

Blogging for Beginners: 17 Tips Before You Start Your Blog
There are millions of blogs out there, and most of them get nowhere because they don’t have a strategy in place.

In this post, you’ll not only learn blogging for beginners, but you’ll get 17 concrete steps you can take to dramatically increase your chances of success.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t started a blog yet, or if you’re a veteran, because just one of these tips can make a big difference in your life and in your blogging.

With that said, let’s start with the first tip.

1. Passion
Don’t just start a blog because you want to make money. There are no shortcuts to success.

If you want to build a thriving blog that brings in revenue, you will have to work hard, and to stay motivated, you have to find something you’re passionate about.

Or at least something you’re interested in.

2. Purpose
When your purpose is weak, your chances of giving up somewhere along the way go up dramatically.
  • So ask yourself the following questions:
  • Why are you starting a blog?
  • What do you want to get out of doing this?
  • Why do you want to succeed?

If you have a strong reason for starting your blog, you will go far. This is a long-term game. Always remember that.

3. Niche

The next step is to find your niche. The best way to stand out from all the millions of blogs out there is to become an expert in a highly targeted area.

Think opt-in conversion expert instead of email marketing. Think turning your blog into a book instead of just general blogging tips.

Get specific and you will go far.